The Problem With Maths

There are many real world applications for which the mathematical system devised by human beings fits perfectly. We use our system to measure all sorts of things but, in some cases, our mathematical system fails to reflect reality.

Let me explain. Imagine someone drawing back a bow to fire an arrow at a target 10 metres away. Our mathematical system states that there is a 5 metre point halfway between the arrow and the target which the arrow must reach before it can ever hit the target. When it gets there, there is another halfway point at 2.5 metres that it must reach before it can ever hit the target. If we then continue this logical process of applying our mathematical system, we find ourselves with a problem.

You can divide a number in half an infinite number of times, and according to our system, you will never reach zero. Consider this fact in the context of our archer, and what it means is, every time the arrow reaches a halfway point it will ALWAYS have another halfway point it then must reach before hitting the target. This is infinite. According to our mathematical system, the arrow will exist in a never-ending flight, through which it will spend eternity passing through ever tinier halfway points without ever reaching that 0 point which is reflective of it striking the target.

Of course, we know that if someone were to be furious about this anomaly and decided to shoot an arrow at a mathematician in protest – (please don’t) it would strike the target.

With this in mind, we can only conclude that mathematics is flawed, no longer fit for purpose and must be replaced with a new system immediately.


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